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In September we learned the hard way that sometimes the “kick” in Kickstarteris “in the @%$”. Whilst we fell well short of our funding goal we were really humbled and encouraged by the fact that we did raise over $30k from fans and friends all over the world. The catch with Kickstarter however, is their all-or-nothing policy means we were unable keep the money. C’est la vie.

So we had to put Plan-B into play. The trouble was we had no plan-b. So in between the day jobs, writing and shooting scenes for the film, and along with continuing to seek investors, we hatched a plan to augment our fundraising by selling memorabilia for film that hasn’t yet been released (or even made). Ingenious right? Well we’ve never been ones to do things the conventional way.

So we built an online store (it’s surprisingly easy, even for filmmakers) and went to work creating some cool running themed graphic t-shirts. You can find them here:

Run Happy Vintage Tee

Run Happy Vintage Tee

What Moves You T-Shirt

The Original

Sweat & Beers Vintage Tee

Sweat & Beers Vintage Tee


Remember, you can have any color you want as long as its black.

Please support us by treating yourself or a loved one to an original hand-drawn graphic American Apparel t-shirt for the holidays. More designs and products on the way!

We’re pretty sure we can ship before Christmas…. Ok we guarantee if you place order before December 15th we can ship before Christmas.

All proceeds from the money raised in the online store will go towards funding location shoots and post production costs.

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