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At age 52, I was working in DC and my doctor told me that I was going to die at my desk within a year. I have had 3 knee surgeries, and an elbow surgery. At the time I would have bet anybody that I would have another joint surgery within 6 months. Everything hurt. I asked for an alternative and he said loose 60 lbs and get your butt in shape. I took that option and have not looked back. I went from 220 to 160 and did my first sprint triathlon 1 month after turning 55. I was hooked. I did sprints for 3 years, retired, and found some running and triathlon training buddies in Oregon. At age 57 I did my first half marathon, and my trainer said I may as well do the second half. I did my first marathon later that year, finished in 5:35, but I finished. I got my half marathon time down to 1:45 and marathon time down to 4:15. I felt fantastic. I started swimming and biking more also. At age 59, one of my friends said he was doing a 70.3 the next year and asked if I wanted to train with him. At age 60 I completed my first 70.3. Since then I have done two Ironman 70.3’s, my last one age 65. Ironman does a great job of taking care of their participants. I volunteer with the Oregon Road Runners Club who has a 1,200 club. Each of the years I have trained for and completed a 70,3, I have run, and walked some, at least 1,200 miles a year. Lots of people my age or older ask me when I am going to start acting my age? I counter with “When are you going to start acting like me”. At some point in the future I may have to quite running, but I hope that time is still decades away. In the meantime, I am going to have to clear more space to display the medals.

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