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Visiting exotic locations, interviewing salty runners, flying the drone, and sipping beer after a 5k with local run clubs are the fun parts of working on this film. But, since our last update we have been taking advantage of the inclement weather in Portland to do something we’ve been putting off for a while. The tedious process of reviewing footage is not something we’re all clamoring to do,  even though we’re always excited about stuff we shoot.  But sometimes our schedules mean we can’t always immediately watch gigabytes of footage to tag the good stuff for the film. As a result we found ourselves with hours and hours of footage that needed to be reviewed and categorized for editing and post-production.

So after two rounds of “Paper, Rock, Scissors” and a double-or-nothing coin toss, Jason got sequestered to a dark room where his only contact with other human beings was when his fiance’, Sarah would slide a slice of margarita pizza under his door once a day. After re-living every single-minute of the last 15 months on film, Jason’s “Great Footage Review Odyssey” has uncovered  the following factoids:

25,000 miles traveled

7,000 fans on social media

588 gigabytes of b-roll and aerial footage

543 gigabytes of unit interview footage

70 individual interviews

35 different locations

17 running events

5 run clubs

3 Amigos

2 continents

1 Molly

(thank goodness for Molly)

Jason’s efforts have proven invaluable to the project. For over a month he has watched, re-watched, categorized, tagged and dropped over 75 hours of footage into a Premier Pro editing timeline. This time consuming and tedious exercise is a critical part of the process of understanding what we have, and what we still need to get. It’s not just about selecting the best clips, it also gives us a good sense of how the story is unfolding and where the holes are. This will allow us to line up the interviews, events and location shoots in the coming months and to finally wrap filming.

After 30 days of being immersed in nothing else but sweat & tears, we allowed Jason to alight from his cave to enjoy Valentines Day with Sarah and these are the first words he uttered; “Dudes, dang it, we just might have a film on our hands!” (P.S. nobody was competing for Sarah’s affections in Jason’s absence as everyone was aware that he was indeed still alive). So it seems we haven’t been wasting our time and yours over the last year. Nope, rather it appears as if we are closer than we have ever been to pulling this whole thing together.

The amazing thing about all this is Jason is still only about half-way down the proverbial road to “Ithaca”. Tomorrow he will be called upon to reembark on his mammoth journey to prepare the content for the next phase; the rough cut!

BTW, Jason is going to name his first born Troy.



Bruce, Jason, Dave and Molly.

PS. we need more Molly’s. Anyone have a Molly they can spare?

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