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I started running because I fell in Love with a runner. She ran, I didn’t; never had, since being in military basic training. It started with us walking (I love walking and exploring, hiking etc) then she said..”just run the downhill part – you can do that!?!” ‘Sure,’ I said. Then it was…”run the flat parts”. ‘Sure’ I said, ‘guess I could to that for a bit.’ “ok” she said. “now just run this one hill…” You see where this is going. 2015, August, is when the running started.. I ran my first 1/2 marathon, April 16th 2016, Whidbey Island. My 2nd, Tacoma Michelob 1/2 thon, May 1st. The third was June 19th in Vancouver USA 1/2 marathon. The 4th, July 30th, Suncadia Multisport.
So, you see, it’s an addiction now. Oh, I have another scheduled for August 13th, again on Whidbey Island – ‘Race the Reserves’. Another on Sept. 24th, – ‘North County Wine Run’ (who wouldn’t run for wine???). Oh yeah, I blindly reserved a 4 day trip to San Francisco (4 months in advance), because Virgin America airlines was having a sale – $99 round trip?? um…yes! Then discovered they are having the ‘SF Giant Race’ the weekend I’m there. Um, duh, gotta enter that! So now, i’ll be running 1/2 marathons, back-to-back weekends. 1 year ago, I hadn’t ran in 30 years. Now, I can’t conceive of NOT running.
I love to finish. I love the encouragement of the onlookers and volunteers. I love that all runners, regardless of their level, understand WHY we do it. Everyone has a different reason, but it’s all based on the same premise of personal satisfaction and achievement. And, the “tribal” feeling of being with like-minded. THAT, is the glue. I’m stuck. Um….whens the next race?

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