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Hey guys!

I have just returned from a visit to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Here is a photo of myself with Lina Al Maena, the founder of the Jeddah United basketball team. The motto is United in Sports, and I thought this was a fitting sentiment for your film. She is a great person who I have known for some time and witness her passion for getting women in Saudi Arabia more involved in sports and staying active.

On the trip I got to speak at my cousins’ school, Jeddah Knowledge International School. This was a powerful and humbling experience to see how much the girls there look up to me. During one of our talks I asked who among them wanted to compete in the Olympics for Saudi Arabia someday and just about everyone in the room raised their hands. As I was leaving the school they gave hand-painted posters that had made for me and letters telling me how I have inspired them. It was incredible being able to talk to these girls and to see how much my participation in the Olympics has motivated them. This whole experience is “what moves me”.

Sara Attar

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