13 Mar 2017

I Told Myself I Couldn’t Do It

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Growing up I played softball, volleyball, basketball, I danced, and I was a high-energy kid always running around. I was active. Fitness was ever pushed on me and the need to be active was ever a concern. I was a kid I did things because they were fun. So where did my fitness journey start? […]

5 Mar 2017

I run because every child deserves clean water.

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When I started running a year ago I did it because I thought it would be fun. The “fun” lasted for literally four minutes before I was huffing and puffing, wondering why anyone would want to be a runner. My running career was filled with frustration, disappointment and boredom. I was ready to quit, but […]

15 Feb 2017

My Doctor was ready to give up on me.

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At age 52, I was working in DC and my doctor told me that I was going to die at my desk within a year. I have had 3 knee surgeries, and an elbow surgery. At the time I would have bet anybody that I would have another joint surgery within 6 months. Everything hurt. […]

23 Aug 2016

“Soar on Wings Like Eagles”

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Two years ago my mother was diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumor and was given a few months to live. My wifes mother also was losing a battle with lung cancer. So I took my 10 year old son and went home to be with my mother, while my wife stayed home to help her […]

8 Aug 2016

I get high

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I started running because I fell in Love with a runner. She ran, I didn’t; never had, since being in military basic training. It started with us walking (I love walking and exploring, hiking etc) then she said..”just run the downhill part – you can do that!?!” ‘Sure,’ I said. Then it was…”run the flat […]

2 May 2016

Running For Liberation

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When I am running, my life becomes as carefree as a child; I am free from deadlines, demands and dependability. I run because it is a simple and convenient hobby that does not require any equipment such as a ball, bat, or club. However, running is more of a lifestyle than a pastime. In fact, […]

6 Feb 2016

I came from nothing.

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I came from nothing. I was overweight and in seventh grade. Every week I’d run the Mile time trial, always coming in last. My 1600m time in seventh grade was 13:00+, the clock stopped after 13:00 minutes because everyone had finished. In eighth grade, something clicked. I woke up one morning, with a drive. With […]

22 Jan 2016

Urban stairmaster

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Some years ago, we took a delightful family holiday with old friends and our kids on the Canal du Midi. Having rushed down to the South of France on Eurostar and TGV, we then proceeded to take a week to go 40km. A week to go the same distance those trains could cover in about […]

28 Nov 2015

I am CardioPride Runner

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I am not your regular runner but I do run. When I run, I am CardioPride. First barrier. Good posture, smooth breathing, relaxed muscles, determined mind. Second barrier. 360 degrees awareness, sharp eyes, good balance, no time limit, no destination. Third Barrier. Beating heart, warm blood, steaming head, cool sweat. Fourth Barrier. Delayed soreness, stiffness, […]

1 Oct 2015

North Pole Marathon experience

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Here is a summary of what I went through at the North Pole Marathon in 2014 (have pictures but not able to send through here due to error, can send via email if wanted) Excitement was definitely in the air at the start of the race, we were told that it was about -30 celsius […]