14 Oct 2014

Corridaamiga – “Friendly running initiative”

I’ve been running since 2011, and started run commuting in 2012. If I am not running, I ride a bike. Sometimes, I need to take a bus or the subway, and less frequently, I take a cab. In 2013, I did an interchange program in Lille, France. While there, I used to run as a […]

4 Oct 2014


Running is something I started completely for myself. I wanted to try something I’d never tried before for me, hoping to get a better handle on my stress level during nursing school. What I got from running was so much more than I ever expected. Yes I got relief from stress but I also gained […]

11 Sep 2014

Run with your HEART

My name is Kristina and I am a runner, and group fitness instructor. However, I’ve had quite the journey to my fit life. As a child, I had a heart condition that prevented me from doing any sort of prolonged activity – running, hiking, standing, etc! If I tried, most times it would end in […]

4 Sep 2014

A Doctor Moved Me

At age 52 my doctor told me to keep doing what I was doing and die at my desk in a year or get my butt in shape. Lost 60 pounds, spent a couple of years in a gym and felt great. At 54 a friend I was running with at lunch said “We are […]

30 Aug 2014

The Journey

I wasn’t always a runner. I am not even a fast runner. It began with one thought that I wanted to run a marathon. It continues over the years because of the places, the people, and because “I can”. I have met most of my best friends through running, we have shared highs and lows, […]

29 Aug 2014

Running with Ghosts

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It is always ephemeral. I never know who or what I am running for until my feet strike mother earth. Some days I run for me, and sometimes I run for someone else. There are days I run to convince myself I really don’t need to spent $500 on a new pair of shoes. There […]

29 Aug 2014

Completing Moving

When I was a teenager I suffered a traumatic brain injury when I was in a car accident. I was in a coma for a couple of months and in the hospital and all kinds of rehab therapy for nearly a year. I could not walk, talk, eat, use the bathroom, etc by myself. At […]

27 Aug 2014


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27 Aug 2014

Courage – That’s what True love is made of

What moves me is my courage. Courage to be better, fitter, to prove myself there are no limits. Not even the physical distance from my twin sister. We follow the same workout plan, me in Dubai and she in Portugal, and when we meet for a marathon we can keep up each other’s pace and […]

27 Aug 2014

Running helped me piece my life back together

Running brought me back from the disaster that was my life. It keeps me healthy and out of trouble. It reminds me that I am a beautiful, capable, strong and resilient human being. It has a way of reminding me who and what is important in life. It is my meditation; it helps me breathe, […]