26 Nov 2014

Animal House Meets Animal Farm

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After a brief visit to this little farm in Southern Washington State I close my eyes and picture George Orwell and Harold Ramis deep in conversation over a bottle of homemade cider in the tiny farmhouse kitchen. In the background a crusty old boar and two small piglets are assembling other farm animals for a meeting, whilst a shaggy […]

26 Nov 2014

Open For Business

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In September we learned the hard way that sometimes the “kick” in Kickstarteris “in the @%$”. Whilst we fell well short of our funding goal we were really humbled and encouraged by the fact that we did raise over $30k from fans and friends all over the world. The catch with Kickstarter however, is their all-or-nothing policy […]

21 Nov 2014

Just for the Run of It

I started running in high school, because I was mystified by cross country runners. They grimaced in pain, boldly sweated through their clothes and pounded turf every day. Throwing up was a badge of honor. When the training was done, they were a family. Somehow the pain they went through together made them closer. I […]

14 Nov 2014

Running is my guide

Running has saved my life…in so many ways, shape and form! It has brought me clarity of spirit, fluidity in my thoughts and peace in my heart…Running has been an inspiring journey in disovering who I am and what deeply and profoundly moves me. Running is my guide in every aspect of it’s components. It […]

13 Nov 2014

Never ending story

I started out in high school a cut from JV soccer, cross country wannabee. 5 years later I am not training for my first half marathon and hopefully a full in the next coming year. At first it was a good way to keep in shape, but along the way it was something more, it […]

11 Nov 2014

Me and my father

At the beggining, I decide to run just by fun: I’ll came back of a neighboor in running time because of one of my child, and I realise that I’m able to run. After that, I suscribe for a 10 km… just one month later!! Oh my God! Really slow, but I did it! And […]