25 Jun 2014

Corremos para Casar!

Eu ( Laina) e Andre, nos conhecemos em uma rede social e a partir daí começamos a conversar sobre o que amamos, a corrida, falar dos treinos e das provas que participamos. O amor pela corrida começou a despertar em nós dois o nosso verdadeiro amor, de um pelo o outro. Andre é carioca- RJ […]

25 Jun 2014

The reluctant runner

Feeling free. Doing what my body is supposed to be doing. Going from an overweight, inactive heavy drinker to a self confessed running lover. Which I never thought I could be! Running? No, I’m not a runner. Now I know we are all runners, just some of us haven’t figured it out yet. I run […]

16 Jun 2014

Burning Fat, Running Fit

My Story Obesity was a part of my life since the day I was born. All through my school and college I was overweight. In 2009 I had reached 113 Kilograms (Kilos) or 249 Pounds, and I was 22 years old at 5 foot 5 inches tall, overweight by 50 Kilos/110 Pounds. Along with obesity […]

12 Jun 2014

A Running Truck Driver

I drive a truck all over the contiguous 48 states. I run wherever I happen to stop for the night. So far I have run in 29 states. It is not always easy. I use my phone for looking at roads to see if they might be good roads to run on. The hard part […]

6 Jun 2014

Running to the impossible

I can’t sit down for more than an hour without getting antsy, so I began running. It began to be a time for me to explore my new surroundings at college, run with friends, and listen to music. I always felt like I could escape to whatever place I needed to be at that time […]

6 Jun 2014

Running Iron Strong

What moves me to get out of bed or muster up the energy after work is being an Iron Runner. The community, encouragement, being pushed to my limits, getting out there on the road with my fellow members. Sometimes its the best time to catch up on life, sometimes its not saying a word for […]

6 Jun 2014

From the ICU gurney

From the ICU gurney to the open road From the ICU gurney to the open road From the ICU gurney to the open road My name is Alyssa Collins, and in August of 2010, when I was 20 years old, my life changed forever. Prior to that date, I was a very lost soul. I […]