30 Apr 2014

tutti gli anni senza correre sono stati anni persi

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Morte.rimorsi.delusioni.paure.domande senza risposte.malattia…….e poi cominci a correre. Il cuore batte più forte poi si accorda con il tuo passo. Ogni fibra del tuo corpo è concentrata sulla corsa. E per un poco tornano i pensieri positivi di quando eri innocente.di quando credevi di essere una brava persona.solo per poco certo ma basterà per affrontare la […]

29 Apr 2014

The Love of the Run

Running is so much a part of me after all of these years. The feeling of power and strength in a body that has been shaped and molded into a runners form, from thousands of miles on the road and injuries healed. Anger that has diffused because I was able to run hard enough, sadness […]

27 Apr 2014

Running as a Measurement

At the urging of our school’s cross country coach who was looking for bodies to add to that season’s dwindling middle school team, I reluctantly accepted my tank-top jersey and short shorts and started an ill-fated first attempt at running. Not more than a month later I ended my running career for lack of any […]

26 Apr 2014

Power to Push

What moves me? My answer used to be simple. I was striving to run in the Olympic Marathon Trials and I got pretty close running by a 2:26 in the Vermont City Marathon. I was making steady progress and as a result it was easy to stay motivated, log hundred mile weeks, complete speed and […]

25 Apr 2014

Fear of Failure

I am motivated to live without regrets. When being bedside with my Grandpa, Pops, as he passed away in 2010 led me to dedicate my life to running to its fullest. Pops recalled all his missed moments in life while he was about to pass away. It made me realize how short our time is […]

25 Apr 2014

Running Saved My Life

My Mom who was my best friend & a big art of my life died suddenly. I spent almost a year of my life wishing to die, wanting to sleep all the time. Drinking to forget. Then one day I read about a woman who had never run a day in her life was running […]

23 Apr 2014

Climbing That Hill

I started running in the Spring of 2009. I lost 50lbs after doing P90X and I felt like I needed to compete some way. My wife let me know about a 5K race and I entered it. I placed 1st in my age group and I was hooked. I ran the whole Summer of 2009 […]

19 Apr 2014

My Journey

What Moves me? It is the inner desire to get up and run because it is me who determines how far and how fast I will go. It is the challenge of running one more step and pushing my self harder. It is the sheer joy I get when I am able to help another […]

19 Apr 2014

It’s Never Just Running

I’ve been running for 9 years. Running moves me in the most impeccable way. I run through the different shades of the world. Through the highs and lows. Through the good and bad. Running is an art, a best friend, a never-ending road, full of never ending stories. Running moves you, it holds you, pulls […]

12 Apr 2014

Cancer Survivor Outruns Death

In about 2005 when I was 46, I had testicular cancer and had an orchiectomy surgery. I began walking to my sedentary job as a physician when I was 47. After about a year of that I decided to try running to work. The furthest I could run at the time was about 200 meters […]